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False Reporting Lawyer in Denver and Arapahoe County | Patriots Fan Pulls Fire Alarm at Hotel to Wake up Steelers Players

Posted by Unknown | Jan 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

Iam not sure if you watched the football game between the Patriots and the Steelers yesterday, but perhaps the results of the game were due to what happened at the hotel the Steelers stayed in the night before. According to the news report, the Steelers were woken up at 3 in the morning due to a false fire alarm at their team hotel. Apparently, after the alarm was pulled, the man accused of pulling it ran from the hotel and jumped into a waiting car to leave the scene of the incident. The false alarm was allegedly planned in advance by Patriots fans who wanted to disturb the Steelers. In Denver and Arapahoe County, the man would face charges of False Reporting, C.R.S. 18-8-111. If facing charges of False Reporting in Colorado, contact a False Reporting lawyer at the O'Malley Law Office today.

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False Reporting to Authorities Definition in Castle Rock and Douglas County

In Douglas County and Castle Rock, False Reporting to Authorities, C.R.S. 18-8-111, charges occur whenever someone:

  1. Causes a false emergency alarm to sound;
  2. Prevents an emergency alarm to sound;
  3. Makes a report of a crime or other incident to authorities that they know did not occur;
  4. Makes a report to authorities pretending to furnish information relating to an offense or other incident, knowing they have no information or that the information is false;
  5. Provides false identifying information to authorities.

Since the man in the news report caused a false alarm of fire to sound when there was no fire, he would likely face charges of False Reporting in Colorado.

False Reporting Attorney in Jefferson County: When False Reporting Charges Can Occur

In Jefferson County, men and women often face charges of False Reporting when they don't want to get in trouble for something. For example, someone who gets pulled over for Speeding may give false identifying information to police to avoid getting a ticket. “Identifying information” includes a person's name, address, birth date, social security number, or driver's license or Colorado identification number. In other Lakewood or Arvada criminal cases, someone may face False Reporting charges after reporting a crime to police that never occurred, or changing their story to police when reporting a crime that did occur. Many people file false police reports in an effort at revenge or just to experience some drama in their lives.

Lawyer in Adams County for False Reporting: Call the O'Malley Law Office Today

False Reporting is a class 3 misdemeanor in Brighton and Adams County, but it can also be a class 2 misdemeanor if committed during the commission of another criminal offense, such as Theft or Robbery. Upon a conviction of False Reporting in Colorado, you risk facing a possible jail sentence and fines, along with a criminal record. If charged with another criminal offense, you may be facing more severe consequences upon a conviction. Always involve an experienced False Reporting lawyer to defend you if facing False Reporting charges. Your future is worth protecting.

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