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Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault in Denver, Colorado

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Sep 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

I recently read a comment on a public internet post where a mom said that she believes it is impossible for a teenage boy nowadays to not be falsely charged with sexual assault or sexual harassment. I do not think she is correct in her belief; it is possible for a teenager to get through high school and college without being charged with a sex crime, but false accusations happen more than people realize, and have devastating effects. Sadly, all teens are probably aware that this is a possibility in Adams County and throughout Colorado. They have to watch their actions, words, messages, and be careful not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Why Would Someone Falsely Charge You With Sexual Assault in Jefferson County?

Someone could falsely charge you with Sexual Assault in Jefferson County for many reasons. A big reason could be revenge. Maybe an angry employee wants you to lose your job. Maybe a student was upset that you gave them a bad grade. Perhaps an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend wants you to lose your custody battle. Maybe they want the attention and sympathy that they will get on social media after posting about the occurrence. A child may not like a parent's new boyfriend/girlfriend living at the house and think that accusing them will make them move out. Whatever the motive, make sure to do anything you can to protect yourself against these false claims.

What to Do if Accused of Sexual Assault or Harassment in Arapahoe County

If you are falsely accused of Sexual Assault or Harassment in Arapahoe County, be smart. Do not continue contact with the person making the charges. Do not meet alone with them. Save any physical evidence that you can, write down all of the details you remember, and save any and all texts, emails, voicemails between you and the accuser. Make a list of any possible witnesses. Learn anything you can about Colorado's laws so you will know what to expect. Do not make any statements to the police. Police tend to side with the “victim” and you do not want your words used against you.

Denver Defense Lawyer for Sexual Assault Charges

False claims have the power to ruin your future and become a terrible and stressful experience. Don't blow the claims off just because you know them to be false. If you are being charged with Sexual Assault in Denver, Colorado, exercise your right to remain silent and contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys today at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.


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