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Footprints in Snow Lead to Candy Thieves: Robbery in Denver

Posted by Unknown | Jan 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

Icame across an article this week which I found intriguing. It perfectly illustrates how quickly a crime can go wrong. According to the news, two teenagers robbed a gas station, but ended up stealing only candy. Let's take a look at Robbery, and how you can be charged in Denver, Arapahoe, and Jefferson County.

Teens Steal Candy from a Gas Station

Image Credit: Pixabay - ejaugsburg

Image Credit: Pixabay – ejaugsburg

According to reports, two teenagers in another state decided to rob a gas station at gunpoint. One boy propped open the door so the cashier couldn't use a remote mechanism to lock them in, while the other lured the attendant out of the bullet-proof cash register enclosure. Then, one of the young men took out a handgun and waved it at the clerk, who fled back into the register area and called the police. The two young men panicked, tried to threaten the clerk through a slot in the enclosure then decided to make a run for it. They grabbed candy and took off, hiding the gun in one of the boys' apartment. Unfortunately for these two young robbers, it was a snowy day. The police were able to follow their footprints all the way back to their apartment, where they found the two young men and their stashed weapon.

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What is Robbery in Colorado?

Robbery – C.R.S. 18-4-301, is charged whenever a person uses force to take something of value from another person. The actual law states a person will be charged with Robbery if they:

“Knowingly take anything of value from the person or presence of another by the use of force, threats, or intimidation.”

Robbery is a class 4 felony in Douglas, Adams, and El Paso County, which carries a possible prison sentence of up to 6 years, and a fine of up to $500,000. But, by looking at the two candy thieves case, we can see they wouldn't be charged with Robbery. Instead, they would face Aggravated Robbery charges because they used a weapon.

Aggravated Robbery: Charged When a Weapon is Used

Aggravated Robbery – C.R.S. 18-4-302, is charged whenever a deadly weapon is used (or hinted at) during a robbery. The statute lists a few situations in which it is charged:

If the robber is armed with a deadly weapon with the intent (if resisted), to kill or injure another person. If the robber knowingly wounds or strikes another person with a deadly weapon, or puts another person in fear of death or bodily injury.

If the robber has a confederate (accomplice) who is carrying a deadly weapon with the intent (if resisted), to kill or injure another person.

If the robber possesses anything which another person could reasonably believe to be a deadly weapon, or if they threaten that they have a deadly weapon on their person.

Aggravated Robbery is a class 3 felony, as opposed to simple Robbery. But, it is also considered to be an extraordinary risk crime, which means it is subject to a longer prison term (up to 16 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections). If a person was wounded or believed they were in fear of bodily injury during the robbery and Aggravated Robbery is charged, it is subject to mandatory prison time.

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