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Fraudulent Casino Acts Lawyer

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Dec 04, 2023 | 0 Comments

fraudulent casino acts lawyer

Fraudulent casino acts can occur in Colorado's casinos when someone alters or misrepresents the outcome of games to other players. Additionally, changing a wager or utilizing information not available to other players can lead to criminal charges. Perhaps the most common violation of casino laws in Colorado is trying to collect money / prizes which are intended for someone else. Any accusation or charge of a casino felony or misdemeanor requires representation from an experienced fraudulent casino acts lawyer.

Fraudulent Acts at Colorado Casinos

C.R.S. 12-47.1-823 describes the conduct in Blackhawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek that can lead to trouble. Attempts to win unfairly, tricks against other players or staff, and premeditated schemes are all unlawful in Colorado's casinos. Additionally, this broad statute can impact the owner of the casino and the table workers. Four specific examples of casino fraud include:

  • collecting unlawful prize money,
  • lying about or changing the outcome of a game,
  • using some type of inside information,
  • employing sleight of hand

The penalties for committing one of these acts can be especially impactful on your future, heightening the need for a skilled fraudulent casino acts lawyer.

Consequences of Casino Fraud in Colorado

Conviction of casino fraud in Colorado can also mean different penalties based on the specifics of each situation. Charges can range from a class 1 misdemeanor up to a class 5 felony. A conviction can lead to:

  • months in county jail or years in the Colorado Department of Corrections,
  • substantial fines 

A criminal record can negatively impact your employment opportunities or status with a current employer, as well as block the ability to pass certain background checks for other jobs and housing applications.

Colorado Fraudulent Casino Acts Lawyer

Whether facing charges from a night out in Cripple Creek, Central City, or Blackhawk, seeking quality representation should be your top priority. Look no further than the strategic defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC.

We have decades of experience successfully defending clients charged with casino fraud misdemeanors and felonies. Don't let a mistake made after enjoying an evening at one of Colorado's casinos also derail your future. Contact our office for a free initial consultation where we will look over your case for any inaccuracies, as well as suggest next steps in forming your defense.

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