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Denver Hazing Attorney | Pledge Forced Drinking at Fraternity Event

Posted by Unknown | Oct 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Forcing someone to do something, like drink, in order to be accepted into an organization in Denver, Aurora, or Castle Rock is often charged as hazing. Often associated with fraternities on college campuses or with sports teams, lately we've seen articles about Hazing more often as young people have been either seriously harmed via sexual offenses or dying due to over consumption of alcohol.

10 young men in a fraternity are facing Hazing charges after their 18-year-old pledge died in their fraternity house after a night of heavy drinking. It was reported that there was forced drinking to excess and the pledge was found lying on the couch not breathing. One of the ten men charged also face a more serious charge of criminally negligent homicide.

Douglas County Hazing Lawyer: Definition of Forced Drinking Hazing in Arapahoe County

The Arapahoe and Douglas County, Colorado law definition of Hazing – CRS 18-9-124 is:

“Hazing” means any activity by which a person recklessly endangers the health or safety of or causes a risk of bodily injury to an individual for purposes of initiation or admission into or affiliation with any student organization; except that “hazing” does not include customary athletic events or other similar contests or competitions, or authorized training activities conducted by members of the armed forces of the state of Colorado or the United States.”

Under the statute, there is a list of activities that constitutes Hazing:

  • forced and prolonged physical activity;
  • forced consumption of any food, beverage, medication or controlled substance, whether or not prescribed, in excess of the usual amounts for human consumption or forced consumption of any substance not generally intended for human consumption;
  • prolonged deprivation of sleep, food, or drink.”

Based on the information provided above, the men were charged with hazing for the forced consumption of alcohol.

Sentence for Hazing in Jefferson and Adams County

As a class 2 misdemeanor in Adams and Jefferson County, hazing is punishable by up to 120 days in the Adams County Jail and up to $750 in fines. When this occurs on a college campus, it is likely that the students will have to face disciplinary actions from the school – often including expulsion.

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