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Home Detention or House Arrest in Denver and Douglas County | What is Home Detention and House Arrest?

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In Denver and Douglas County, Home Detention, In-Home Detention and House Arrest are three names for the same thing. They all mean that a person will serve a Denver County jail sentence or Douglas County jail sentence at home instead of in jail.  However, not everyone qualifies for In-Home Detention or House Arrest in Colorado. In today's blog, we'll discuss House Arrest and Home Detention in more detail and who qualifies for these possible sentences.

Questions about House Arrest?

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In-Home Detention in Adams County: What is the Definition of Home Detention and House Arrest?

If you've received a misdemeanor conviction in Adams County after accepting a plea bargain or after receiving a guilty verdict in trial, there are different options when it comes to sentencing. One of those options includes In-Home Detention (IHD), which means you will serve your sentence at home instead of in the Adams County Jail. An ankle bracelet monitors your actions and will let the court know if you have left your home without authorization. It is cheaper for courts to give someone house arrest or In-Home Detention, but it is not as common to give as other sentences. The goal of incarceration is to keep men and women from committing criminal offenses in the future, and many courts in Colorado don't feel in-home detention or house arrest help with this goal.

Who Qualifies for House Arrest in Arapahoe County?

In Arapahoe County, typically only misdemeanor criminal cases qualify for In-Home Detention, Home Detention or House Arrest. Felony criminal cases are too severe and instead often receive a Colorado Department of Corrections sentence. Additionally, if you need to care for children, the elderly or someone sick in your family, courts may give you In-Home Detention or House Arrest. If you commit a crime which has caused harm to someone else or created a risk of injury or death, you will typically receive an Arapahoe County Jail sentence. If you have a large criminal history, you will also not receive House Arrest.

Home Confinement Lawyer in Jefferson County: Call O'Malley and Sawyer, LLC

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