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I Need A Lawyer in Denver for Resisting Arrest Charges

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Nov 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

If you have been arrested in Denver, Colorado and are facing charges for Resisting Arrest, our defense lawyers are here to help. Resisting Arrest (C.R.S. 18-8-103) can be charged any time someone tries to prevent a police officer from arresting them, using or threatening to use physical force or violence against the officer. It can also be charged if you try to prevent the arrest of another person. This crime is a class 2 misdemeanor in Colorado, which means that if convicted you could face anywhere from three to 12 months in the Denver County Jail and/or a fine between $250 – $1,000. Resisting Arrest also comes with the risk of a possible felony offense if the officer is injured:

When Does Resisting Arrest in Arapahoe County Become Assault?

If you are arrested in Arapahoe County and you put up a fight, you could be risking a more serious charge. If a Greenwood Village Police Officer claims that you caused them pain, you could be facing charges of Second Degree Assault. This offense applies if it is proven that you intentionally caused bodily injury to ANY person in an attempt to prevent the officer from doing their job. Second Degree Assault is typically a class 4 felony, though certain circumstances can result in class 3 or class 5 felony charges.

Injury is defined as “physical pain, illness, or any impairment of physical or mental condition.” This broad definition makes it easy for you to be charged with Second Degree Assault in incidents involving a peace officer.

Example of Resisting Arrest in El Paso County

A woman who had a warrant for her arrest was taken into custody last week in Colorado Springs. According to the article, the woman “bit and kicked” the officer, resisting when the tried to arrest her. Now, in addition to the charges that led to the warrant for her arrest (possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance), she is also charged with resisting arrest and “is expected to face additional charges for the alleged assault” on the officer. She could be charged with Second Degree Assault for causing physical pain to the officer in El Paso County.

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney for Resisting Arrest

If you are facing charges for Resisting Arrest in Denver, it is important that you understand your rights and ways in which the circumstances might allow for a viable defense. Call our Denver attorneys today at 303-830-0880 to schedule a jail visit or to set up a free initial consultation. Together, we can protect your future.


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