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ID Theft in Colorado: Man Charged with Identity Theft for False Job Ads, Stealing Identities

Posted by Unknown | Nov 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

What would you do if you found an advertisement for your dream job, got an interview, and then found out the job wasn't actually real? This was the story for 30 different people, who had their identities stolen through false job advertisements. According to the news story, a 19-year-old was accused of advertising false job openings, stating he wanted to hire 1,100 people. Once people applied to the jobs, he then asked them to come in for an interview. During the interviews, he collected their social security numbers, their bank account information, as well as urine samples. Soon enough, people realized the jobs they were applying for weren't actually real, and that they had just given out their personal information to a stranger. The 19-year-old was then arrested. In Denver, Aurora, Littleton, and everywhere else in Colorado, the 19-year-old would be charged with Identity Theft.

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Identity Theft in Arapahoe County

Identity Theft, C.R.S. 18-5-902, is charged in Arapahoe and Douglas County in many ways. One way it can be charged is when someone:

“Knowingly uses the personal identifying information, financial identifying information, or financial device of another without permission or lawful authority with the intent to obtain cash, credit, property, services, or any other thing of value or to make a financial payment.”

The man in the news story used the personal identifying information (the social security numbers and date of birth) and the financial identifying information (bank account information) without permission or lawful authority, likely with the intent to obtain cash, credit, property, services or any other thing of value. For these actions, he would face a class 4 felony Identity Theft charge in Arapahoe County and across Colorado, which carries a prison sentence of up to six years.

You Can Be Charged with Identity Theft Before Even Stealing Anything in Denver

Possessing identifying information with the intent to steal is enough to face charges.

In Denver and Jefferson County, you can be charged with Identity Theft for simply possessing information with the intent of theft in mind. For example, if someone possesses a social security number and intends to share it with someone else so that person can obtain cash, credit, property, services or any other thing of value or make a financial payment, the person with the social security number could be charged with Identity Theft. Or, if someone possesses another person's full legal name, their date of birth, identity, etc., with the intent to make a fake ID, he / she could also be charged with Identity Theft.

Criminal Possession of a Financial Device in Douglas and Adams County

If you actually possess or have under your control a financial device you know or reasonably should know has been lost, stolen, or delivered under mistake as to the identity or address of the account holder, you could face charges of Criminal Possession of a Financial Device, C.R.S. 18-5-903.  Across Adams and Douglas County, this financial crime is closely related to Identity Theft in Colorado.

Charged with Identity Theft in Colorado? Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with Identity Theft in Colorado can lead to harmful consequences for you, your family and your future. If facing an arrest or a criminal charge in Denver County, Adams County, or El Paso County, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys fight hard to win every criminal case we defend.

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