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Illegal Discharge of a Firearm in Greeley | Weld County Criminal Defense

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Mar 09, 2021 | 0 Comments

Illegal Discharge of a Firearm

Allegations of illegal discharge of a firearm in Greeley, Windsor, or Fort Lupton can be overwhelming as a defendant. Accusations usually include claims that you fired a gun into a residence, building, or vehicle knowingly or recklessly. With time in prison and high fines as possible ramifications, it is important to talk with the right attorney early on. Our criminal lawyers have decades of combined experience successfully fighting charges related to firearms and our results speak for themselves. Below we discuss illegal discharge of a firearm in greater detail and ways we can help those facing charges in and around Greeley, Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder, Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton.

Weld County Illegal Discharge of a Firearm Law

Colorado's illegal discharge law prohibits knowingly or recklessly shooting a firearm into specific structures. CRS 18-12-107.5 defines the specific elements of this crime in Weld, Boulder, and Larimer County. Someone commits illegal firearm discharge if they:

  • knowingly or recklessly shoot a firearm,
  • into any dwelling, building, occupied structure, or occupied automobile

It is important to understand what recklessly shooting a gun in Colorado means. Essentially, this is firing a weapon while disregarding the risk the bullet could enter a nearby structure or vehicle. An interesting element to this particular charge involves intentionally firing a gun vs accidents while cleaning or showcasing your firearm. This law was meant to prohibit drive-by shootings and road rage incidents, but sometimes punishes innocent people unfairly.

How Serious is Illegal Firearm Discharge in Colorado?      

 Each case of illegal discharge of a firearm is different. Penalties won't always be the same. As a class 5 felony, a conviction can lead to:

  • a prison sentence of 1 - 3 years,
  • fines of $1K - $100K,
  • 2 years of parole

Your gun rights are in jeopardy when it comes to allegations of illegal discharge with the possibility of prohibited firearm ownership moving forward. A felony conviction also creates additional hurdles when it comes to background checks, employment opportunities, and even the ability to rent an apartment or house.

Weld County Attorney for Weapon Charges

Our skilled criminal defense attorneys have decades of combined experience fighting for clients facing firearm charges throughout Greeley, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Longmont. It is important that those accused of something like illegal discharge of a firearm or prohibited use of weapons exercise their right to remain silent when police come asking questions. Instead of giving them information, contact our office to speak with an experienced lawyer. Perhaps you didn't know the gun was loaded, it was fired in self-defense, or there are other inaccuracies in the evidence against you. We offer same-day jail visits and flexible payment plans for defendants throughout Weld, Larimer, Boulder, and Adams County.

Don't talk to police about illegal discharge of a firearm - talk to us. 303-830-0880   

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