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Judge or Jury Trials in Denver: Which is Better?

Posted by Unknown | Dec 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

If you are facing criminal charges and your case goes to trial, you can choose whether you want a judge trial or jury trial. As criminal defense lawyers who have over 40 years of combined courtroom experience, we have the insight necessary to advise you on whether you should choose a judge or jury trial for your criminal case.

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Jury Trials in Douglas County | Jury Trials Are Better Than Judge Trials

In each criminal case in Douglas County, the prosecution or District Attorney has the Burden of Proof. This means they have to prove you are guilty. Because they have the Burden of Proof, it is generally more difficult for them to meet this burden by having a jury trial than a judge trial. In a jury trial, it is more difficult for the prosecution to prove you are guilty when there are more people to convince.  In a judge trial, the government would only have one person to convince beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. That's why our criminal defense lawyers want a jury trial if we take a case to trial.

Jury Trial Size in Arapahoe County for Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses

In Arapahoe County, if you are facing felony charges, the judge will let you have a jury of twelve. Twelve is a good size for a jury, as it is often more difficult for the government to prove you are guilty. In misdemeanor cases, you will have a choice for your jury of six or three.  It is always best to have six.

Jury Trial Selection in Adams County | Choosing Jurors for Jury Trial

When selecting jurors in Adams County jury trials, it is best to seek to identify  jurors who will side with you. Depending on what charges you are facing, you should carefully consider which jury members would be the most favorable to your side of the case. For example, if a child accuses you of Sexual Assault on a Child, it may be harmful to your case to select a jury member who is a teacher that works with and cares for kids every day. They may be more inclined to believe the child in your criminal case. Jury selection is an important process and you should always speak with your criminal defense lawyer about making wise decisions regarding your jury choices. Know that while you can choose to get rid of some potential jury members, you only have a limited say when it comes to peremptory challenges and challenges for cause.  These give you some, but not complete control over when you can excuse a juror from your trial.

Jefferson County Jury Trial Lawyer | Contact the O'Malley Law Office

If you are facing criminal charges and have questions about the differences between judge and jury trials in Jefferson County, contact the O'Malley Law Office right away. If you choose a jury trial, selecting jurors can be complex and can move quickly. Only someone who has years of experience defending clients in court and working with the criminal justice system can help you make the best decisions regarding your criminal charges. Call the O'Malley Law Office today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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