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Malinda Recommends Sawyer Legal Group, LLC

My attorney worked day and night to fight against two government lawyers who tried to convict me of a crime I did not commit. They wanted to put me in prison for ten years to life. I served as a church worship leader, when a troubled girl I mentored accused me of sexually abusing her, and before I knew it I was talking with police trying to prove my innocence. Little did I know they were using every word against me for their use in court. I urge you…DO NOT TALK WITH THE POLICE!! They want to convict you and they are NOT your friends!!! We all think to ourselves, if we did nothing wrong, surely we should be able to talk to police and get to the truth! I am so sad to tell you that they are not the white hats society makes them out to be. They get promoted for convicting folks, and they don't care if you're innocent. My lawyer is gifted and very thorough. Before deliberation, he was complimented by the judge. He told him his work is the best he had ever seen in his courtroom. I remember the staff assisting him during my five day trial, pulling out documents for my defense as fast as the DA could hurl accusations against me. It was confirmed, for me, in that moment. I was in the best hands I could be in for the fight for my life. I am forever grateful for Sawyer Legal Group, LLC.. there is not a day that goes by without thanking God for sending this warrior to fight for my freedom. Today, my children have their mother home with them, and I am totally free to do what I was called to do. Verdict…NOT GUILTY!

– Malinda

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