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Ted Recommends Sawyer Legal Group, LLC

He is an excellent, intelligent, very experienced attorney who really cares about his clients. Originally I hired an attorney who told me I had less than 10% chance of winning my case. I ended up letting him go and went with Sawyer Legal Group, LLC based on a referral by my father in law. I spoke with my attorney and he told me my case would be difficult, but that he thought he could win the case. After I hired him, I noted that he seemed to know all the players. He knew most of the Jefferson County Prosecutors and Judges and seemed to have an excellent working relationship with each. He knew their mannerisms, their personalities and most importantly, he knew their legal tactics. He could often predict what they would do or say. This made it easier for him to negotiate critical issues. He picked up my case 3 weeks before trial. At first he was reluctant to take it due to the difficulty and the short time before trial. However, he saw that I was innocent and promised to work very hard to win the case. I found his promise was minimal compared to his actual effort. I know he stayed up very late most every night in preparation for my trial. I even became slightly concerned for his health in this regard. After seeing this gentleman work, I can honestly say, I have never seen a harder working person. In the end, the case was won after 2 weeks of trial. The 12 jurors were all in my favor, they even came up and shook my hand. He is an exceptional attorney, a workaholic and a good friend. I owe you my life and my kids owe you their father.

– Ted

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