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Man Accused Online of Being a Sex Offender: Injustice in Colorado

Posted by Unknown | May 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

People are irrational when it comes to sex offenders. Those charged with sex offenses in Denver, Arapahoe, or Jefferson County are treated as if they are guilty before they've even gone to trial. Recently, a man was called a sex offender on social media for completely innocent behavior. Instead of taking the time to understand a situation, judgmental people often assume a person has bad intentions. Let's look at this story in order to see why I believe the mindset toward sex offenders is unjust.

Innocent Man Labeled a Sex Offender On Social Media

According to the news, a man was out shopping for a gift when he spotted a Star Wars poster. He decided to take a selfie, not noticing there were some children nearby. Their mother spotted him snapping the photo, and thought he was taking a photo of her kids (although they weren't actually in the picture). The woman took it upon herself to “expose” the man as a pedophile on social media. First, she spoke to security at the store, before heading home and sharing the man's photo (which she obviously took without his permission) on her Facebook account. The image was soon shared thousands of times, and the man was quickly labeled a pedophile. The poor man knew nothing about his new popularity until he received multiple phone calls and text messages during a business meeting. The situation escalated when he started receiving death threats online. He spoke to the police and they cleared him of any suspicion. A local newspaper began alerting people online that the man was innocent. Some people are so desperate for drama in their lives that they will create drama at the expense of others.

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False Information Spreads Like Wildfire Online

This story is a perfect example of just how quickly information can spread online. And, information about sex offenders spread exceptionally fast. That's because people feel good about themselves when they report “dangerous people like sex offenders.” They don't pause to think that a person might be innocent. It's much better to appear to be a caring, concerned part of society by hitting the “share” button on their computer than it is to question the things they see online. Being at the center of drama makes some people feel important. The man's life could have been ruined, or taken (he was receiving death threats) – all because one needy woman took it upon herself to be a vigilante. The police alerted the public that if they saw something suspicious, they should alert the proper authorities – not post about it online.

Charged with Public Indecency?

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Why You Need a Lawyer for Sex Offense Charges

The general public doesn't have a lot of compassion when it comes to sex offenders. They assume a sex offender is a horrible peorson who deserves to be treated without respect or human decency. This is wrong.  Especially when you consider crimes like Unlawful Sexual Contact (which can be charged if a person touches another person's clothed butt), and 2 convictions of Public Indecency (which can be charged for urinating in public) are Your future is important, which is why you need a strong defense attorney to defend you in court. both sex offenses in Adams, Boulder, and Douglas County. Regardless of the offense, registered sex offenders should be treated with respect so they can reintegrate back into society. If you've been charged with a sex offense, you need the help of the best criminal defense attorney who will fight on your behalf and illustrate your true character to the judge or jury in the courtroom. Don't stand alone and try to defend yourself – have an advocate fighting by your side to get the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

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