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Man Punches Friend Who Refused to Eat Ramen Noodles

Posted by Unknown | Sep 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

When you make a meal for someone else and they don't eat it, chances are your feelings might be hurt or you might question your cooking skills. For one man, he reacted to a friend not eating a meal he made by punching him – 10 to 15 times. According to the news, the man made his friend some ramen noodles, but his friend refused to eat them. That's when the man allegedly punched his friend in the eye. The friend ended up with bruises, swelling and a 1-inch cut under his eye. In Denver, Weld County and every other county in Colorado, this man could face charges of Assault in the Third Degree, C.R.S. 18-3-204.

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Third Degree Assault Attorney in Douglas County: What is 3rd Degree Assault?

As it pertains to the news story, one way you can face Third Degree Assault charges in Douglas County, Colorado is if you knowingly or recklessly cause bodily injury to another person or with criminal negligence cause bodily injury to another person using a deadly weapon. Since the man allegedly caused bodily injury to his friend's eye, it could be considered Third Degree Assault. Other charges that often accompany 3rd Degree Assault charges are Harassment, Domestic Violence, Menacing and Burglary. Always involve an experienced criminal defense lawyer if facing any criminal charges of Assault and related Assault charges.

Adams County Bodily Injury Definition

C.R.S. 18-1-901(3)(c) defines bodily injury in Adams County and everywhere in Colorado as physical pain, illness or any impairment of physical or mental condition. Since the man allegedly cut his friend's eye and caused it to bruise and swell, it would be considered bodily injury.

Deadly Weapon Definition in Arapahoe County

The legal definition of a deadly weapon is broad in Arapahoe County and across Colorado. In fact, it's broad enough to include someone's “fists”. According to C.R.S. 18-1-901(3)(e), a deadly weapon includes a firearm (loaded or unloaded), or a knife, bludgeon, or any other weapon, device, instrument, material, or substance, whether animate or inanimate that, in the manner it's used or intended to be used, is capable of producing death or serious bodily injury. Under this definition, the man's fists could be considered a deadly weapon because they were capable of producing injury in the manner they were used (for punching).

Jefferson County Sentence for 3rd Degree Assault

Assault in the Third Degree is a class 1 misdemeanor extraordinary risk crime in Jefferson County. Extraordinary risk crimes in Colorado are crimes which pose an extra risk to human health or safety. That means they are sentenced more harshly. If convicted of 3rd Degree Assault in Colorado, you could spend up to 24 months in the Jefferson County Jail and risk paying up to $5,000 in fines.

Charged with Third Degree Assault in Colorado? Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A conviction of 3rd Degree Assault is serious and can impact many areas of your life. If accused of Third Degree Assault in Colorado, be silent and do not speak with police. Instead, get an attorney on your side that can speak with witnesses, work with investigators and develop the best possible defense in your case. Don't risk fighting any charges alone. Call the O'Malley Law Office today and protect your future.

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