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Minor in Possession of Alcohol Denver Lawyer: Two Minors Found with Alcohol in Hotel

Posted by Unknown | Feb 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

When alcohol is advertised in TV commercials, movies, and magazines, it's no wonder teens and juveniles become interested in drinking alcohol. According to a news story, two girls were arrested after they were found with alcohol in their hotel room. Apparently, police were called regarding a noise complaint and a report of a fight at the hotel where they were staying. When police arrived, they couldn't locate those involved in the fight, but during their investigation they were led to the two young girls in their hotel room. They found the girls with multiple alcoholic beverages. The young women were 18 and 19 years of age. In Denver and Arapahoe County, both girls could be charged with Illegal Possession or Consumption of Ethyl Alcohol or Marijuana, or Marijuana Paraphernalia by an Underage Person, or Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP).

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Attorney for Minor in Possession of Alcohol in Jefferson and Adams County: How It's Charged

In Adams and Jefferson County, Illegal Possession or Consumption of Ethyl Alcohol or Marijuana by an Underage Person, C.R.S. 18-13-122(3)(a), is charged when a person under twenty-one years of age possesses or consumes ethyl alcohol anywhere in the state of Colorado. Since the girls were under the age of 21 and were in possession of alcoholic beverages, they could be charged with this offense.

You need an experienced MIP lawyer if your child has been charged or accused of possessing alcohol.

Douglas County Lawyer for Minor in Possession of Alcohol: MIP is a Strict Liability Offense

Minor in Possession of Alcohol is a strict liability offense in Parker, Lone Tree, Castle Rock and Douglas County, which means a Douglas County DA doesn't have to prove certain elements of the crime in court to convict you. This might mean not having to prove a 20-year-old didn't know he couldn't consume alcohol under the age of 21 in Colorado.

MIP Sentences Can Be Harsh: Hire our Aurora and Arapahoe County Criminal Lawyers

Upon a first conviction of Minor in Possession of Alcohol in Aurora or Arapahoe County, a minor will be required to pay a fine of up to $100, or the court will order that they complete a substance abuse education program approved by the division of behavioral health in the department of human services, or both. A second or third conviction will require harsher penalties for a juvenile, or young adult, including higher fines, community service or treatment. Consult a Minor in Possession of Alcohol lawyer immediately if your child has been charged or accused of MIP anywhere in Colorado.

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