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Naked Burglar Arrested: Learn About Burglary in Denver

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Feb 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

It seems I come across articles in the news every day about naked burglars. Now, while you might think only a madman would try to sneak into someone else's home while wearing no clothes, it's important to understand just how it happens. We'll take a look at an example, and then learn more about Burglary charges in Denver, Boulder, and Adams County.

Naked Burglar Shot While Trying to Enter Home

According to a recent article I read, a naked burglar was shot while trying to break through a window into someone else's home. Apparently, a police officer saw the man, drew his gun, and told him to surrender. But, the naked man attacked the police officer, and ended up getting shot.

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What is Burglary in Colorado?

In order to understand just how you can be charged with Burglary in Jefferson, El Paso, and Douglas County, we must first understand one thing: A person will face Burglary charges if they are caught after entering or trying to unlawfully enter a home with the intent to commit a crime. Simply breaking into a home with no intent other than entering would result in Trespassing charges. In order to charge someone with Burglary, the DA must prove there was an intent to commit a crime.So, the naked man must have had a criminal reason for entering the home. It's not difficult for the police to come up with supposed intent, however. They could say the man was going to do damage (he likely broke something while trying to get in through the window, after all). Or, they could say he was going to steal something. There was a man in Colorado who was charged with Burglary because he picked up a child's shoe while drunkenly entering someone else's home. The “intent” behind the burglary became Theft, because he picked up a shoe. District Attorneys in Gunnison or Chaffee County don't have to search far to find criminal intent.

Alcohol is a common

factor in many criminal cases.

What's With All the Naked Burglars?

As I said, I have read a lot about naked burglars lately. So, why would someone enter someone else's home stark naked? Usually, alcohol is involved in these situations. Alcohol impairs judgment – people often strip down to nothing when they are intoxicated. And, people aren't thinking clearly, so they often try to enter homes they believe are their own. An article was written on this blog about a man who was attending a zombie beer crawl, wandered off, and tried to get into someone else's home. He was drunk. The man who stole the shoe in the example above was drunk.

Alcohol is a Factor in Many Crimes

Unfortunately, alcohol is a big reason so many people are charged with crimes. People make mistakes when they aren't thinking clearly. Whether Assault is charged after a bar fight, Criminal Mischief after property is destroyed, or Domestic Violence Harassment after a nasty yelling match with a significant other, alcohol is often the culprit.

How a Lawyer Can Help in Your Case

If you've been charged with a crime you committed while drunk, don't hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers. We don't believe a mistake should alter the course of your life. We have often called in expert witnesses who can testify about the effect of alcohol on your behavior, which can help you get a better outcome in your case. The expert lawyers at the O'Malley Law Office know how to get the best deal in your case, and we fight to win.

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