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What Are Point Suspensions for DUI, Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, Speeding in Denver and Douglas County?

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In Denver and Douglas County, a person can accumulate points on their Colorado driver's license for certain traffic violations such as DUI, DUI per se, DWAI, Reckless Driving, following too closely, failing to signal, and many others. It is extremely important you involve a traffic criminal lawyer from the O'Malley Law Office if facing a traffic violation and accumulating points. After accumulating a certain amount of points, a person can risk losing their license. Learn more about point suspensions for DUI, Speeding, Careless Driving, Reckless Driving and other traffic violations in Colorado.

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Point Suspensions for DUI, Eluding Police, Speeding, Following Too Closely in Adams and Arapahoe County

Traffic Violation Points Accident – Leaving Scene 12 Points Careless Driving 4 Points Careless Driving – Resulting in Death 12 Points Cell Phone 1 Point Divided or Controlled Access Highway – Driving on Wrong Side 4 Points DUI 12 Points DUI per se 12 points DUI – Habitual User 12 Points DWAI 8 Points Eluding Police Officer 12 Points Emergency Vehicle – Failure to Yield 4 Points Failure to exercise due care for pedestrian 4 Points Failure to signal 2 Points Following too closely 4 Points Head lamps – Defective 1 Point HOV Lanes 0 Points Improper backing 2 Points Improper passing 4 Points Improper signal 2 Points Improper turn 3 Points Insurance – Failure to maintain or show proof of 4 Points License – Driving without (2nd or subsequent offense) 6 Points Lights – Failure to dim or turn on 2 Points Minor driver – Driving between midnight and 5:00am 2 Points Minor driver – Passenger under 21 2 Points One-way-street – Driving wrong way 3 Points Reckless Driving 8 Points Right-of-way – Failure to yield 3 Points Right-of-way – Failure to yield to pedestrian 4 Points Right-of-way – Failure to yield to pedestrian with disability 6 Points Safety zone – Driving through 3 Points School bus – Failure to stop for 6 Points School signal – failure to stop 6 Points Seat belt – Driver 2 Points Seat belt – More passengers than seat belts 2 Points Seat belt—Passenger 2 Points Special hazard – failure to reduce speed 3 Points Speed contest – Engaging in or aiding/facilitating 12 Points Speed exhibition – Engaging in or aiding/facilitating 5 Points Speeding – 1-4 mph over reasonable prudent speed or 75 mph speed limit 0 Points Speeding – 5-9 mph over reasonable prudent speed or 75 mph speed limit 1 Point Speeding – 10-19 mph over reasonable prudent speed or 75 mph speed limit 4 Points Speeding – 20-39 mph over reasonable prudent speed or 75 mph speed limit 6 Points Speeding – 40 mph or more over reasonable prudent speed or 75 mph speed limit 12 Points Suspension system – Alteration of 3 Points Traffic sign or signal – Failure to observe 4 Points Underage drinking and driving 4 Points Unsafe vehicle 2 Points Wrong Lane 3 Points Wrong side of road – Driving on 4 Points

If a person receives a penalty assessment notice in Jefferson County for a violation and pays the fine and surcharge for the violation on or before the date the payment is due, the points will be reduced as follows:

  • For violations of 3 or more points, the points are reduced by 2 points;
  • For violations of 2 points, the points are reduced by 1 point.

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