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PreTrial Services in Denver: What is Pretrial Services in Denver and Adams County?

Posted by Unknown | May 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Before and after you appear in Denver County Court or Adams County Court, a judge can order PreTrial Services to investigate you. Before setting your bond, issuing a protection order and determining your conditions of release, judges will read your PreTrial Services report, to learn what type of bond and bond conditions are appropriate. If you are still in jail and haven't yet bonded out, judges want to know about the following:

  1. Whether you have been employed and if so, where you were employed;
  2. Prior criminal history;
  3. Prior failures to appear in court (FTA);
  4. Who is your victim in your case and what your relationship with them is like;
  5. The nature of your crime;
  6. Contacts or lack of contacts in Colorado;
  7. Whether you have any real property ownership.

PreTrial Services in Denver, Arapahoe County and Jefferson County After Posting Bond

After posting bond in felony and certain misdemeanor cases in Arapahoe County or Jefferson County, judges will often want you to be monitored by PreTrial Services. This monitoring is to decrease your chances of violating the law or your protection order, and to help you show up to court when required. You will be monitored by a PreTrial Services officer, who will check to make sure you are following the rules. In many PreTrial Services cases, you will not be able to consume alcohol or drugs. Arapahoe County Court and other courts across Colorado will require that PreTrial Services contact you at random times to see if you have to take a drug or alcohol urinalysis test. Failure to comply with taking a urinalysis test can lead to a warrant for your arrest being issued.

PreTrial Services in Douglas County: Can You Travel?

In many cases in Douglas County, PreTrial Services will grant a travel permit or ask the judge to grant a travel permit for those who need to travel. Sometimes, people want to travel for their jobs or they have a medical emergency in their family. Under these circumstances, strict conditions will be set. You must also complete a Waiver of Extradition form.

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