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Private Firearms Transfers Denver Attorney: The Law on Private Guns Transfers in Colorado

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Transferring a gun privately in Denver, Arapahoe County and across Colorado now comes with many requirements. If you are considering transferring a pistol / revolver / firearm privately anywhere in Colorado, it's important that you are aware of these requirements before making any decisions to do so privately.

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Requirements for Private Firearms Transfers in Adams County, Colorado

Before someone (who isn't a licensed gun dealer) can transfer or attempt to transfer a firearm in Brighton, Adams County and across Colorado, there are requirements, C.R.S. 18-12-112. A Colorado Bureau of Investigation background check must be conducted of the potential gun buyer, which will be provided to aIf the gun transfer is approved, it will be valid up to thirty days. licensed gun dealer. The licensed gun dealer will then be required to record the transfer and retain the records (following all state and federal laws) the same way he would if conducting a sale, rental or exchange at retail. A copy of the background check results must be given to the firearm buyer by the licensed gun dealer. If the bureau approves the transfer of a pistol / handgun / revolver in Adams County, it will be valid for up to thirty days.

When the Private Firearms Law Doesn't Apply: Exceptions to Gun Laws in Douglas County

There are circumstances / situations of private handgun transfers in Douglas County and across Colorado where the Private Firearms Transfers law doesn't apply. These situations include if the private transfer:

1.Is of an antique firearm;

2.Is a gift or loan between family members;

3.Occurs after someone's death;

4.Is temporary and occurs in the unlicensed transferee's home;

5.Occurs at a shooting range, a shooting competition, or while hunting, fishing, target shooting or trapping;

6.Is for the repair or maintenance of the firearm;

7.Occurs in the continuous presence of the gun owner;

8.Is temporary for no more than 72 hours;

9.Is from a person serving in the armed forces.

Attorney in Jefferson County for Private Gun and Firearms Transfers: Call Now

Violating any of the requirements listed above on Private Firearms Transfers in Jefferson County or anywhere else in Colorado can result in criminal charges and other consequences. You can be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor, which could result in Jefferson County jail time, as well as be prohibited from owning a handgun for two years. If facing any accusations or criminal charges for violating the rules surrounding a private firearm transfer anywhere in Colorado, consult our expert firearm criminal defense lawyers immediately.

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