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Protection Order Lawyer in Denver and Arapahoe County | Civil and Criminal Protection Orders

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Unfortunately, police in Denver and Arapahoe County are quick to believe an alleged victim in a criminal case. Police don't often question whether or not a criminal accusation is true. This means many men and women who are arrested are falsely accused or overcharged with a crime. And, with false allegations and an arrest, comes the issuance of a Protection Order / Restraining Order. If you have been charged with a crime and you have been issued a protection order, consult a criminal defense lawyer at Sawyer Legal Group right away.

What is a Civil Protection Order / Restraining Order in Douglas County?

Under C.R.S. 13-14-102, a defendant can be issued a Civil Protection Order in Douglas County whenever there is proof that “imminent danger” to an individual's life or health exists. Only the person seeking the civil protection order is present when it is first issued, as a temporary order. This means no one else is present to say whether or not the allegations against the defendant are true. Then, a hearing will be held which will determine whether the Civil Protection Order is made permanent. Even if the Civil Protection Order is made permanent, in some cases the restrained party has the opportunity to modify or dismiss the Civil Restraining Order, C.R.S. 13-14-108. Two years must have passed since the order was made permanent in order to apply for Modification or Dismissal of a Civil Protection Order.

What is a Criminal Restraining Order in Adams County?

Criminal Restraining Orders, C.R.S. 18-1-1001, are issued in every criminal case in Adams County where there is an alleged victim. Whether a defendant is accused of Assault, False Imprisonment, Harassment, or Stalking, they are issued a Mandatory Criminal Protection Order. Criminal Restraining Orders expire at the end of a criminal case. This includes after completing jail, probation, prison or parole. Criminal Restraining Orders carry many kinds of restrictions. Some of these restrictions include no alcohol or drug consumption, no communication with the alleged victim, no possession of firearms, no contact with children or remaining a certain distance from specific locations.

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