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Protection Order Lawyer in Boulder

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Apr 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

Protection orders are a well-known part of the law in Boulder and throughout Colorado. Navigating them can be tricky. Consulting an experienced defense attorney can prove particularly invaluable in situations involving protection orders. Some individuals attempt to represent themselves in cases involving protection orders, which can make the situation much worse. Permanent restraining orders may result in cases that are not handled properly. It is vital to hire an experienced Boulder protection order lawyer to handle each unique situation.

Restraining Order Lawyer in Boulder

When men and women in Boulder, Colorado face temporary restraining orders they usually know the person that went to court to have the judge issue an order. They could be old friends, exes, or live in the same neighborhood. Either way, the person obtained the restraining order due to a dispute with the other party. These two sides will argue in court over what the other did or said. Having expert representation can be very beneficial when trying to have the judge consider your side, without all of the emotions. Essentially, an attorney simply carries more credibility.

Boulder Lawyer for Restraining Orders

In Colorado, rules of evidence apply to protection and restraining orders. Therefore, a judge will only hear what the law allows him or her to hear. For instance, a party in a case might elect to reference an email that was present within the dispute. This email might not be permitted in court, showcasing a lack of preparation. If you are represented by a Boulder restraining order lawyer with knowledge of these rules of evidence, the judge may rule more favorably toward your side of the situation.

Attorney for Protection Orders in Boulder, CO

There are several reasons to hire an attorney for protection and restraining order situations. In Boulder, the law is especially complex, full of legal phrases and definitions. Under C.R.S. 13-14-102, citizens are given rights and responsibilities that are important to understand. For instance, those involved in a protection or restraining order case are allowed a continuance of up to 4 months to hire a defense lawyer, subpoena a witness, and prepare arguments. This time is significant, allowing for the preparation of cross examinations and closing arguments. These elements are especially critical to a favorable outcome in each and every case.

Boulder Protection Order Lawyer | Expert Defense

With all of the critical pieces in protection and restraining order hearings, finding a reputable defense lawyer with a history of favorable outcomes is the best place to start. The cost is too high should you lose because of poor representation or unpreparedness. Whether you are seeking modification, dismissal, or facing a charge for violating a protection order, our attorneys can meet with you and prioritize the best possible outcome.

If you or someone you know is navigating a protection order, be smart. Contact the highly rated defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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