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Robbery Lawyer in Aurora | Taking Something by Force, Threat, or Intimidation

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Dec 29, 2021 | 0 Comments

Robbery Lawyer

The crime of robbery in Aurora, Centennial, and Englewood involves taking something of value from another (or in another's presence) while using force, threats, or intimidation. Defendants accused of robbery in Colorado face a prison sentence, as well as substantial fine amounts if convicted. Even in situations where a deadly weapon wasn't involved, robbery is still a felony offense with impactful consequences. Sometimes confused with burglary, robbery is more serious due to the violence, threats, or intimidation that occurs while taking control of the property. If you or someone you know is facing robbery allegations in Arapahoe, Denver, or Douglas County, contact Sawyer Legal Group right away.

Arapahoe County Robbery Laws

Arapahoe County's robbery laws prohibit taking another's personal property in specific ways. CRS 18-4-301 addresses robbery throughout Colorado. Law enforcement will look to charge if they believe you:

  • knowingly took anything of value,
  • from a person or in the presence of another,
  • by using force, threats, or intimidation

In situations where a deadly weapon is used or displayed, or force, threats, or intimidation place the victim in fear of injury or death, the offense escalates to aggravated robbery CRS 18-4-302. It is important to note that unlike theft, the level of robbery isn't impacted by the value of the property taken or targeted.

How Serious is Robbery in Aurora?

Each alleged robbery in Arapahoe County is different. Specific facts of the case have a significant impact on possible consequences. Robbery is at minimum a class 4 felony, where a conviction can lead to:

  • a prison sentence of 2 - 6 years,
  • 3 years of parole,
  • fines of $2K - $500K

However, in situations where aggravated robbery (an extraordinary risk crime) is charged, ramifications can include:

  • 4 - 32 years in prison,
  • 5 years of parole,
  • a max fine of $750K

Aurora's Top Robbery Lawyer

When it comes to charges as serious as robbery in Aurora, Centennial, and Littleton, experienced representation is a must to protect a defendant's future. Our strategic criminal lawyers have decades of combined experience successfully navigating robbery charges throughout Colorado and our reviews speak for themselves. Perhaps the property itself was yours, a deadly weapon wasn't involved, or force, threats, or intimidation weren't used. Nevertheless, contact our office for a free confidential consultation. We offer same-day jail visits, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans for those accused of robbery in Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson, Douglas, and Adams County.

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