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Second Degree Assault Against Police Officers in Denver

Posted by Unknown | Aug 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

Second Degree Assault on a police officer is charged in Adams and Jefferson County, and across Colorado whenever someone causes bodily injury or even a small injury on an officer. Someone may have caused an injury accidentally, and it could still result in criminal charges. Recently, I read a news story of a police officer assault. Apparently, a man was asked to slow down in a construction zone, which resulted in him assaulting six police officers. One officer waved down the driver because he was driving too fast in the construction zone. This clearly upset the driver when he got out of his car and punched the peace officer in the head, knocking him out. He also attacked other officers who tried arresting him. The driver was suspected to be on drugs due to his anger and yelling after getting out of his vehicle. In Colorado, the man would be facing charges of Second Degree Assault on a police officer.

Assault in the 2nd Degree on a Peace Officer in Denver

The legal definition of Assault in the Second Degree says a person commits the crime of 2nd Degree Assault if he or she intends to prevent a peace officer or firefighter from performing a lawful duty and intentionally causes bodily injury to them. If the man in this news story was convicted of Second Degree Assault Against Police in Douglas County, he could face a mandatory prison sentence. 2nd Degree Assault can also be charged as a class 6, class 4 or class 3 felony in Arapahoe County and across Colorado.

Facing Second Degree Assault charges?

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No Mercy for 2nd Degree Police Assault in Colorado

Whenever a police officer is assaulted, it's a big deal to the Colorado Judicial System. Police officers are viewed with a special status in the eyes of society. They're supposed to serve and protect the community, and bring forth justice. Unfortunately, this perspective of police makes it tough for people charged with assault. Perhaps people didn't intend harm, yet still faced assault charges. Further, people like the man in this news story may be under the influence of drugs, and committed a crime they may not have otherwise. As a result, they face criminal charges. Whatever the situation, an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Denver is your most important asset when facing charges of Second Degree Assault Against Police.

Second Degree Assault Against Police in Denver is Serious– Contact an Attorney

If you're facing charges of Second Degree Assault against police in El Paso or Denver County, don't wait to call an expert defense lawyer. The consequences are severe for those who are convicted of this crime in Colorado. This is why we want to fight hard on your behalf for a better future. Contact the best criminal attorneys at the O'Malley Law Office today to schedule a free initial consultation with us.

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