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Sex Assault on a Child Defense in Boulder | Under 15

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Dec 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Sex Assault on a Child Defense

Sexual assault on a child allegations in Boulder, Longmont, and Superior can destroy your reputation and lead to several years behind bars. Accusations that you sexually touched a younger person under the age of 15 get a great deal of attention from law enforcement and spur a robust investigation. While some of these cases do involve culpability on the part of the older individual, others stem from young teenagers knowing precisely the gravity their claims carry against another. If you or someone you know is facing sex assault on a child charges in Boulder, Jefferson, or Larimer County, don't hesitate in contacting a skilled sex crimes attorney.

Boulder Sexual Assault on a Child Law

Boulder County's SAOC law prohibits the groping and fondling of intimate parts between those under the age of 15 and someone 4 or more years older. CRS 18-3-405 provides the definition of sexual assault on a child throughout Colorado's 64 counties. Law enforcement will pursue charges if they believe you:

  • touched a child's clothed or exposed breast(s), butt, or genital area,
  • for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification, or abuse,
  • or had the child touch your intimate parts

Even in a situation where the child gave their consent, if they were 14 or younger and the actor was 4+ years older it is considered sexual assault on a child in the state of Colorado. Furthermore, if the interaction(s) goes beyond fondling or groping to intrusion or penetration, charges of statutory rape will apply as well.

How Serious is Sexual Assault on a Child in Boulder?

SAOC ranges from a class 4 felony to a class 3 felony depending on the specific facts of the case. Additionally, if the sexual contact occurred more than once (pattern of abuse), there is no statute of limitations. In cases where there isn't a pattern of abuse and no force or injury occurred, a conviction can lead to:

However, if your case involves more than one instance of groping or fondling a child's intimate parts or you used force or made threats, a class 3 felony applies. This will often double the prison sentence and may lead to a life sentence if a deadly weapon is involved or the child is injured.

Boulder's Leading Child Sex Assault Defense Attorney

When someone is accused of sexually abusing a child in Colorado, their lives often unravel. The fallout is immediate and the presumption of guilt couldn't be higher. The best course of action is to exercise your right to remain silent and contact Sawyer Legal Group. Just because you've been charged doesn't mean you're guilty. Perhaps the touching simply didn't occur, was an accident, or didn't involve intimate parts. We offer same-day jail visits, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans for those accused of sex crimes against a child. We will pursue the best possible outcome for each of our clients and our reviews speak for themselves.

Don't talk to the police about sex assault on a child allegations - talk to us. 303-830-0880 

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