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Simplified Law: Arson Charges in the Denver Area

Posted by Unknown | Dec 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

If you are facing Arson charges in Adams, Jefferson, or Denver County, this blog will help you sort through all the legal jargon so you can create a plan for your defense. The laws regarding Arson can be complex and difficult to understand – and when you have lawyers explaining it using their terminology, it can be difficult to truly grasp what you are facing. In today's Simplified Law blog, we'll be discussing Arson charges, and what to expect. For today's definition we'll be using the definition of Fourth Degree Arson – C.R.S. 18-4-105.

The Lawyer's Definition of Arson

The legal jargon:

Aperson who knowingly or recklessly starts or maintains a fire or causes an explosion, on his own property or that of another, and by so doing places another in danger of death or serious bodily injury or places any building or occupied structure of another in danger of damage commits fourth degree arson.”

The Simplified Definition of Arson

The simplified version:

Aperson who knowingly or recklessly starts a fire which puts another person in danger of serious injury, or puts any building in danger of being damaged commits fourth degree arson.”

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Examples of Arson Charges

Image Credit: Pixabay - Counselling

Image Credit: Pixabay – Counselling

Sparkler Explosion

Tom and Evan are buddies. They go to the same classes at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, and enjoy the same activities. One such activity is trying the latest and greatest internet sensations out for themselves. Recently, they have seen videos where people create fireworks out of a bunch of sparklers. One night, they decide to give it a try. The two young men use duct tape and over 200 sparklers, head to a nearby park, and set it off at the stroke of midnight, ready to film the event. Unfortunately, their plan goes haywire when the explosion is much bigger than they expected. A patch of dry grass catches fire, and soon a fire is blazing toward a nearby home. Thankfully, the fire department arrives and the home isn't damaged, but now Tom and Evan are facing Jefferson County 4th Degree Arson charges.

Image Credit: Pixabay - 445693

Image Credit: Pixabay – 445693

Yard Work Disaster

Sam is trying to clean up his yard before winter hits. His backyard is surrounded by magnificent trees, and the leaves have all fallen. It is beautiful, but his yard is a mess. One Saturday, he rolls up his sleeves and rakes all the leaves into one big pile. He lives way out in Castle Rock on a ranch, and his neighbors are over a mile away. Knowing it will take hours to bag the leaves, Sam decides to simply burn the them to save time. He lights a match and sets the enormous pile ablaze. Unfortunately, the conditions are much drier than he anticipated. The fire takes off and spreads extremely quickly, moving nearer and nearer to his home. Sam is quick to respond, and the fire department arrives and puts out the fire. But, because his home was put in danger of damage, Sam is now facing possible Douglas County Arson charges.

An accident can result in Arson charges.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Arson Charges

The sentence for Fourth Degree Arson ranges anywhere from a class 3 misdemeanor, up to a class 4 felony. Arapahoe, El Paso, and Douglas County courts are busy, and judges have overflowing dockets. In order to keep cases out of the trial courtroom, District Attorneys often overcharge crimes so that people will take plea deals. Don't let a DA overcharge you with a felony to bully you into accepting a plea agreement that isn't good for your future. Hire a hardworking criminal defense lawyer to take a look at your case and determine the best plan of defense so you get the best possible outcome in your case.

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