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The Stigma of Domestic Violence in the Denver Area

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Dec 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

Iwas listening to a radio show a few weeks ago, and the hosts were discussing whether or not it is wise to date a felon. A man called in, and told the hosts he had been convicted of Domestic Violence. The two hosts issued gasps of surprise and horror, and immediately told him to expect some negative feedback on their show. I was immediately disgusted by their reaction. Their response perfectly illustrated the complete ignorance about what Domestic Violence really is in Denver, Arapahoe, and El Paso County. Let's take a look at how they have a completely wrong perception of this offense, and why the stigma is wrong.

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Two Common Misconceptions about Domestic Violence

There are two common misconceptions about Domestic Violence in Adams, Jefferson, and Douglas County. These include: the belief that Domestic Violence is a crime in and of itself, and that every instance of Domestic Violence includes an actual act of violence.

1.Domestic Violence is a Sentence-Enhancer

Most people think that Domestic Violence is a crime. This is a misconception, however. In actuality, it is a sentence-enhancer which is added to any crime committed between two people who are in, or have been in an intimate relationship. It isn't charged on its own, because it isn't a crime in and of itself. It can be attached to any crime in the state of Colorado. To make it even vaguer, the definition of “intimate relationship” was redefined, allowing the DV label to be added to more cases.

2.Domestic Violence isn't Always Violent

When people hear someone was convicted of DV, they instantly put them into a “wife-beater” category in their heads. This simply isn't the case. In fact, most DV cases don't involve any physical violence. Because it's a label that can be attached to any crime, it is often added to non-violent offenses. Let's say a man calls his girlfriend one too many times – he could be charged with Harassment Domestic Violence – even though he didn't even see his girlfriend, let alone physically or mentally harm her.

Why the Stigma of Domestic Violence is Wrong

The reaction towards Domestic Violence from the two local radio hosts is a perfect example of how most people feel. Yet, it is completely unfounded. Don't believe me? Let me use an example.

Nonviolent Domestic “Violence”

Image Credit: Pixabay - iowaborn58

Image Credit: Pixabay – iowaborn58

Kevin and Chelsea have been going out for over a year. They've always had a tumultuous, emotional relationship. One day, Chelsea picks up Kevin's phone, and is shocked to find he has been texting several other women. Convinced he is cheating on her, Chelsea moves out of their apartment without a word. Kevin is horrified at the turn of events, and tries to contact Chelsea repeatedly; trying to work out the misunderstanding (he was planning a surprise party for her, and was texting her friends to get ideas).  But, Chelsea will have none of it. After days of trying to get a hold of her, Kevin receives a call from the police: He has been charged with Harassment Domestic Violence for “harassing” Chelsea with too many texts and phone calls.

Domestic Violence charges often stem from non-violent offenses.

The Stigma Transfers to the Courtroom

It is essential you work with a lawyer for DV cases!

Unfortunately, the stigma of Domestic Violence transfers to the courtroom as well. In fact, pressure from special interests groups is the reason vague Domestic Violence laws were put into place. Alleged victims of Domestic Violence are treated like royalty by District Attorneys, and judges work hard to appear “tough” on Domestic Violence. This is why you need a skilled lawyer by your side if you've been charged with any Domestic Violence crime. Conviction for a DV crime has harsher consequences, including Domestic Violence treatment, and bigger fines. Don't plead guilty to avoid possible jail time. Instead, contact a hard-hitting criminal lawyer to fight to win in court.

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