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Third Degree Assault in Denver County, Attorneys Near You to Help

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Sep 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

Third Degree Assault, C.R.S. 18-3-204, is a crime that can have devastating consequences in Denver, Colorado. As criminal defense attorneys, we see a variety of criminal charges filed against our clients. Assault is a popular crime with the Denver Police Department. You need the aid of an experienced criminal lawyer to help you fight those charges. Here are some good things to know if you are facing a charge for the criminal act of Third Degree Assault in Denver.

What is Third Degree Assault in Adams County, Colorado

Third Degree Assault is charged with a variety of different fact patterns in Adams County. If you punch, choke, push, bite, scrape, or even grab another person, it would be considered misdemeanor Assault. Usually, the police in Westminster, Colorado will charge you with hurting someone if you caused another person pain. That's right; all a person has to do to get you charged with third degree assault is to tell the police that when you touched them, they felt pain. The term ‘pain' is what differentiates Third Degree Assault from the crime of Harassment.  When the Thornton Police interview an alleged victim, they ask the alleged victim whether they felt pain. If the answer is yes, the officers will charge you with this violent crime.

Jefferson County, Colorado Prosecutes People for Assault and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence (DV) and Assault go hand-in-hand. Your spouse will claim they were hurt by you and then the Lakewood Police Department will arrest the you for DV Third Degree Assault. The police are not as thorough as your criminal attorney should be. They won't ask the correct questions about self-defense. They won't take the time to ask if there is any motivation for your wife to lie about you hitting her. Instead, they will just arrest you and leave it to your lawyer to fight for your rights in Jefferson County.

Do I Need a Criminal Attorney in Douglas County, Colorado Assault Cases

As criminal defense lawyers in the Denver Metro area, we know how to fight false charges. We attack the case of the District Attorney in Adams County, Colorado and prove that you were acting to defend yourself. The facts surrounding a charge of Third Degree Assault can be difficult to navigate without the professional experience of a criminal defense attorney. If you, or a loved one, are facing charges of third degree assault in Douglas County, Colorado, remember to remain silent and call Sawyer Legal Group at 303-830-0880 to speak immediately with one of our attorneys. Together, we can protect your future.

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