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Top Indecent Exposure Denver Attorney: Man Charged After Watering Yard Naked

Top Indecent Exposure Denver Attorney: Man Charged After Watering Yard Naked

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According to the news, neighbors allegedly called police after seeing a man watering his yard naked. When police arrived at the scene, the man was drinking beer (still naked). Police allegedly asked the man to put his clothes on, but he refused and threw his beer bottle at them. The beer bottle missed the officers, but the man continued to threaten police and even threw a knife at them. Police eventually took the man into custody. In addition to Resisting Arrest, Assault and other possible charges, the man was also charged with Indecent Exposure. In today's blog, we'll focus on the crime of Indecent Exposure as it's charged in Denver, Pueblo County and across Colorado.

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Definition of Indecent Exposure in Arapahoe County, Colorado

Indecent Exposure, C.R.S. 18-7-302, is charged in Arapahoe and Adams County whenever a person knowingly exposes their genitals to another person, causing alarm and with intent to arouse any person. It can also be charged if someone performs an act of masturbation in front of another person, likely causing alarm to the other person.

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Public Indecency: a More Appropriate Charge in Douglas County

Unless this man was sitting outside naked with intent to arouse someone else, or performing an act of masturbation, the prosecutors would have a hard time convicting him of Indecent Exposure in Douglas County and across Colorado. A more likely charge this man could face is Public Indecency, under C.R.S. 18-7-302(1)(e). This part of the Public Indecency statute states that a person will be charged with Public Indecency for exposing their genitals to another person (likely causing alarm) in public. For exposing his genitals in public to the view of another person (causing alarm), this man could be charged with class 1 misdemeanor Public Indecency. A class 1 misdemeanor conviction can lead to up to 18 months of Douglas County jail time.

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If you've been accused or arrested for Indecent Exposure or Public Indecency in Jefferson County or Adams county in Colorado, contact a skilled Indecent Exposure lawyer immediately. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to advise you of all of your rights and how to get the best possible outcomes of your criminal case. Many people think accepting a plea bargain deal is their best option to avoid jail or prison time. That's not always the case. Get a team of expert criminal lawyers on your side who can fight hard against any charges you're facing in Colorado.  We fight to win.

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