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Video Visitations in Prison Leave a Lot to Be Desired in Denver

Posted by Unknown | Mar 09, 2015 | 0 Comments

Video visitations in Denver, Arapahoe, and El Paso County jails and prisons are a big business. Across the country, over 500 detention facilities use this service, which is provided by a private company for a fee. And, while video visitations sound like a good way for family members to visit with their incarcerated loved one, the service leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, a new report from the Prison Policy Initiative takes a closer look at video visitations – they offer an honest look into how the system really works.

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The Benefits and Downsides of Video Visitation

The advocates for video visitation say that the service is beneficial in a variety of ways, by:

Saving on Manpower Costs

Allowing Family Members Living Across the Country to Visit

“It's Just Like Skype”

While this makes sense on-paper, it is important to note that there are downsides to these two “benefits.” While video visitation in Adams, Douglas, and Jefferson County jails do allow family members who live out-of-state, or those who want to avoid the hassle of visiting a detention facility to visit, the quality is terrible. More often than not, the camera is fuzzy and out of focus, and is situated incorrectly – giving visitors a view only of the inmate's forehead. Also, the cost is significant – $1.50 per minute is standard for video visitations. So, while proponents of video visitation say it's “just like Skype,” the cost and low quality say otherwise.

Why In-Person Jail Visits are Beneficial

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In-person jail visits are extremely important for inmates, where District Attorneys and guards treat you like a criminal.  Imagine you're sitting in a jail or prison cell, and the only contact you get with the outside world is a grainy video which doesn't even allow eye contact? Would your spirits be high? We think not. Visits from friends, family, and a sympathetic defense attorney are crucial for rehabilitation and to keep spirits from falling.

In-person jail visits from a lawyer are crucial to keep your loved-one's spirits from falling.

Why In-Person Jail Visits with a Lawyer are Crucial for a Case

In-person jail visits are crucial when you or a loved-one has been arrested. This is because people who are arrested and charged with crimes are treated as if they are guilty before they even go to trial. The presumption of innocence is ignored. They are alone in a foreign, hostile world. District Attorneys often meet inmates in jail and try to pressure them into accepting bad plea deals. And, the police are constantly trying to talk to inmates to get information to use against them in the courtroom. This is why it is crucial for a knowledgeable lawyer to visit your loved one in jail. They need an ally – they need a professional to instruct them on their right to remain silent and give them hope for the future. Here at the O'Malley Law Office, the criminal defense lawyers offer jail visits to jails throughout the Denver area, and across Colorado. Call us 24/7 to set up a jail meeting to give you loved one hope and a plan for their defense.

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