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Woman Started a Fire to Give Firefighter Friends Work: Sentenced to Prison

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Oct 06, 2014 | 0 Comments

People are charged with Arson in many different situations. Often, our clients started a campfire which got out of control, or set off fireworks in a dry area, sparking a fire. Most cases of Arson in Douglas, Jefferson, and Denver County are accidental, while others are started to collect insurance money. Rarely, however, are fires started to try to help other people. But, such was the case with one Oregon woman, who started a fire to help out her friends. Let's take a closer look at this case to understand the consequences of an Arson conviction.

Woman Started a Fire to Help Bored Friends

According to reports, a woman in Oregon knowingly threw a firework into a bush, sparking a fire which grew to 80 square miles. Days later, she posted on social media accounts, asking “like my fire?” She was arrested immediately and charged with Arson in a criminal complaint. During questioning, she stated she had started the fire because her firefighter friends were “bored.” She just wanted to give them something to do, and never imagined the fire would spread. Unfortunately for her, it cost $8 million to put the fire out.

Unnoticed Consequence of an Arson Conviction: Restitution

While jail or prison time is a possibility in Arapahoe, Boulder, and Adams County Arson cases, restitution is a life-changing and often overlooked consequence. When a person is responsible for a fire which damages property, the court often orders restitution be paid to the people who were financially injured by the fire damage. Restitution often covers the cost to repair or replace property, any medical costs from injury, and any therapy expenses.

Property Repair

Property Replacement

Medical Costs

Therapy Expenses

Even if fire damage is covered by insurance, the person responsible for starting the fire will be ordered to pay full restitution. And, the damage can really add up when it comes to quickly spreading fires. People find themselves paying millions of dollars in restitution.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Arson Charges

Fires get out of hand quickly, and bad decisions can quickly turn into life-changing criminal convictions. Colorado has had its fair share of wildfires, and prosecutors know the public wants harsh consequences for the fires which devastate our state. You don't want to be alone in the courtroom if you have been charged with Arson by summons or complaint. You need a lawyer even if you have been charged after you started a fire at your campsite, only to have it get out of hand in the dry conditions. Accidents happen, but it is wise to work with a knowledgeable, hard-working criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged. You don't want your future to include the possibility of prison and paying restitution. Contact us today to begin work on your case – we fight to win.

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