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Extradition Denver Attorney: Extradition in Colorado

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When people are accused or charged with crimes such as Assault, Arson or Theft in one state but travel to another state to avoid punishment, extradition is a process that ensures they are brought back to the state they committed the crime in. Men and women can be extradited to other states from Colorado, or extradited from other states to Colorado. In today's blog, we'll look at extradition in Colorado and outside of Colorado in more detail.

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Extradition Lawyer in Jefferson County: An Example

Suppose a woman in Boulder, Colorado, shoplifts at a convenience store.  She manages to make it out of the store after a short struggle with an employee. Over the next few hours, she fears getting arrested, so she drives up to Wyoming hoping she won't be discovered. However, in the Jefferson County convenience store she stole from, she was identified on security cameras and police began looking for her with an arrest warrant for Robbery and Theft. She is later arrested for these charges in Wyoming, and will be taken back (extradited) to Colorado to appear in court.

Extradition in Colorado – An Aurora Attorney Explains the Extradition Process

Whenever someone commits a crime in Arapahoe or Douglas County, Colorado, but travels to another state to avoid being caught, the extradition process ensures they will be held accountable for the crime they've committed. If a person is to be extradited to another state in the U.S., that state must obtain a written document called a governor's warrant. That state's governor must sign off on the document to verify all extradition procedures were properly met. The original arrest warrant is listed with the United States National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which makes it easier for police in Denver, Arapahoe County and across Colorado to make arrests. After an arrest is made, the arrested person (foreign fugitive) can request a hearing by a Writ of Habeas Corpus. The purpose of this hearing (which is basically a civil court case) is to ensure each step of the extradition process has been carried out in the proper manner. If you're facing extradition in Colorado or outside of Colorado, it's vital you consult our Arapahoe County extradition lawyers immediately.

Brighton Extradition Criminal Lawyer: If a State is Trying to Extradite You,  Call Us

If you've been arrested under an extradition warrant in Brighton, Adams County or anywhere else in Colorado, or if you've been arrested in another state and are waiting to return to Colorado, contact our Adams County extradition lawyers today. In some cases, our extradition attorneys can help you post bond in Colorado to avoid the long trip and overnight stays in jails and prisons across the country on your way here in a transport van. Contact our Denver extradition attorneys today and protect your future.

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